The doll that aged

Something that I really want to add to my blog is stories about crime, paranormal stuff. Strange stuff that I find so fascinating that I want to share with everybody. I thought I'd start by sharing this, because after I found about it I've been constantly thinking.

The most obvious thing that you can buy your child is a doll, which is clearly what this couple did. Like most children do, she outgrew the doll and it was quickly forgotten about and put in their loft. When they placed the doll in the loft it was in good condition, and it is no shock that everything ages. Colours fade, things become rusty, sometimes an arm falls off. Simple stuff. But this doll aged like a human. Like a legitimate human.

 They found this doll around 11 years after it was put in the loft, and the only way they realised it was that specific doll was by its clothing. It is said that they felt some sort of spirit whilst looking at its eyes. Nobody knows where this doll is now, as it has been passed on …

I use WHAT for a setting spray?

This is no surprise to hear that I discovered this on YouTube from Becca Lammin, and since I discovered this it has been my go to setting spray! Like anyone, I love a good bargain and I'm constantly looking for cheaper alternatives because if you can look hot for less-that's what I'm going to do.

This is supposedly a dupe for the Mac fix plus, which I have never used so I personally can't vouch for that. So, here's what it is-the simple toner. I put it in a spray bottle, and it works like a dream. The only problem I have with it is that it leaves your face very very wet. But I use a beauty blender to dab it into my skin and honestly my make up lasts ALL day.

It started off with how similar the ingredients for the Mac fix plus and the Nivea toner were, but when I was shopping for this I noticed that the Simple toner was exactly the same ingredient wise. So I went with the cheaper alternative.

If you haven't used this already, definitely do! You wont regret it.

Top 5 books! August 2017

Since today is book lovers day, what's more fitting than posting a book related post? I am currently reading a book which I love, but I haven't finished it or read it before so I can't post a review on it. But, I will be once I have finished it. Soooo, stay tuned!

I'm not going to lie, I am a massive book lover. And my favourites change all the time, so I will most likely be updating my top 5 at some point. But for now, here goes.

1. The Shock of the Fall

I am a massive lover on books based on mental health, especially ones that don't romanticise it. This book showed the realness of schizophrenia, but didn't portray the character as a monster. The thing that I found interesting about the author, Nathan Filer, is a registered mental health nurse so you know that he knows what he's writing about. So this book is narrated by the main character Matthew. He battles with the grief of the death of his …

The Garnier Botanical Rose range review!

I think that skin care is extremely important. I don't know about you guys but if my skin is feeling healthy and cleansed then I do feel very happy and beautiful. So I'm constantly in the shops or online looking for new things to make my skin better than it is.Admittedly,it's rubbish. Despite how much I try to make it better, I guess I just haven't found all of the right products for my skin yet. And that's okay. The things I'd do for clear skin that isn't red and blotchy all the time though(if you have any suggestions at all then leave them in a comment below!).

Anyway, I'm pretty sure the majority of people have used Garnier's miceller water.It's everywhere. And so many people love it,including me. A couple of months ago they released a couple of new ranges, and I just had to buy the rose water one. I managed to get the whole range for just £8 in Boots. The range includes a cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

So I use the cleanser by putting it o…

Body positivity is SO important

Being truly confident with your body is something that everybody struggles with. Even if they seem like they don't. We try and alter our bodies to make ourselves look and feel better. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't,

Peoples opinions have a huge impact on you. No matter what your body shape is like, there will always be something wrong with it, According to the nasty people who criticize you. It's easy to do so on social media. You type the message and it's done. The damage is done. The amount of times that I have been called fat and ugly and all the rest over social media is ridiculous. No one can see how much it damages your self esteem. Some people will say it to your face, they will witness at least some of how much these cruel words hurt you. And some people just say it behind your back, but it always finds its way to you. There's no escaping it.

It would be so much easier if there was a filter on life, to block out the words that hurt you. But the…


Spoiler alert!

Depression affects around 350 million people,yet it's one of the most misunderstood illnesses going. Simply because of its invisibility. However, I believe that depression isn't invisible at all.Sure it affects your brain mostly,but it affects your actions.What you do.How you sleep.Everything. 

One way of raising awareness of depression and other mental illnesses is writing fictional books about characters with them. Now I don't know if that's why authors do so, but I think it's a great thing to do. One book that I recently read was All The Bright Places. This is a book that has been publicised by Youtuber and Blogger Zoe Sugg aka Zoella. And I'm so glad that I watched her book club video because this book changed my life. Well kind of.

The whole story is basically about two characters, Theodore Finch and Violet Markey. They have very different but similar stories. They've both been suicidal. It's crazy to see the two characters grow and si…

Ok Bouquet

I was lucky enough to be sent some flowers from the company Ok Bouquet. Ok Bouquet are a company who sell bouquets of flowers and they're absolutely beautiful. 
The delivery service was very quick. It gives you the option to track your order and gives you an hour slot of when your order will arrive.So you haven't got to sit around all day. The flowers came in a giant box and immediately I knew that it was going to be a giant bouquet. I'm not going to lie I did have some struggle removing the flowers from the packaging,but it shows how secure they were.They came in immaculate condition. 

The roses were such a beautiful deep red colour,which enhances my 'dark side'. I loved how they gave you more of an option of what colours you wanted your roses. I'm not going to lie,I injured myself putting them in the case.Aka I had thorns. 
The flowers smell so fresh and they have such a calming scent to it. I had to put the flowers in 2 different vases because the bouquet was s…